Gal Kantor

  • Chartered Physiotherapist (BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Manual Therapy, MCSP, HPC reg.)

  • Specialised in Manipulative Therapy and Sport Injuries (MMACP)

  • Guest Lecturer and Tutor (part time) at Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Member of the physiotherapy team to BAKU 2015 European Olympics Games

  • Official member of the Glasgow 2014 Common Wealth Physiotherapy Team

Glasgow Physiotherapist Gal Kantor completed his physiotherapy education in the Netherlands before going on to graduate with a Masters Degree in Manipulative Therapy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

In order to start up a sports injury clinic in central Glasgow Gal first became a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in lower back, sports injuries, advanced massage and manipulations. 

Combining manual therapy and physiotherapy has proven to be highly effective in GK Physiotherapy. Gal's qualifications and experience working in a wide range of specialities help him to excel at physiotherapy, offering the highest quality in terms of expert care.

Gal swims and coaches at a competitive level and he was the 2011 and 2012 Scottish Masters Breaststroke Champion in his age group. This makes Gal unique! He has greater understanding of what is necessary to participate in sport at an exceptionally high standard,  resulting in the ability to better diagnose, treat and resolve sports related conditions.

Gal's energy and expertise is something which translates into his delivery of bespoke physiotherapy treatments.  His enthusiasm to provide the best practice spurs him to continually evolve his methods by learning and adopting innovative, cutting edge, techniques and therapies. 

Gal is a member of the British Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MMACP) which means that GKPhysiotherapy can evaluate your musculoskeletal complaints and if required manipulate joints effectively and safely.