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Avoid-OP: a Novel Surgery Reassessment and Prevention Care


This professional approach offers a comprehensive re-examination of several medical conditions, that is often failed to be diagnosed and treated by traditional methods. A conservative treatment means treating the condition without the need for corticosteroid injections, invasive diagnostic procedures or full surgery. 

Therefore, if you are:


Then I wish to provide you with some background to what surgery means, its risks and some of its potential consequences, even if your problem can be technically fixed by surgery:


If by now you’re reconsidering the surgical option, these are few of common conditions that are often operated and can be avoided by re-examination and specific treatment:

In the last few years, I helped several of my clients to avoid or prevent from having surgeries of the above conditions. Over time I perfected the methodology which is what is NoOpp today.

Some of them were so grateful for it and I felt that it is time to publish it as part of my services, so I can help more people with their current pain or dysfunction by avoiding the risk of having surgery. 

This is how I do it:

I would first apply a very comprehensive examination, in a way that you did not receive before by physiotherapist and certainly not by your surgeon. Remember he or she is there to fix you when your physiotherapy treatment had failed to do so. That’s their job and they may still do it very well. 

I will then re-diagnose your problem (structurally and functionally) for the purpose of re-treating it effectively. I will also identify and actual sources of your pain and its mechanism.

Finally, I will highlight my finding to you and will be able to test them specifically as well as holistically and using advanced treatment methods to test and prove potential results immediately. I will then prescribe and applied the right treatment.

All of it will be explained to you in simple terms, diagrams and clear demonstrations.  

Though the process and during the first session I will start with a questioning interview to track down your current and past medical history in regard to the problem you are about to be operated on. I will then apply manual tests for joint, ligaments, muscle and nerves as well as stability tests to understand and differentiate between your different symptoms.

I will be using my proven experience in clinical reasoning to localize your problem and its original sources precisely, while constantly keeping you in the loop of understanding everything I test or do.

Once the assessment is completed we will both know for sure what are the chances of helping you overcome your condition and avoiding the painful and limiting experience of surgery.

The treatment will be a combination of:

1. Varied manipulating therapies

2. Precise muscular exercises 

3. Shockwave (which is science proven surgery replacing treatment)

4. Rehabilitation and gradual returning to your previous function. 

Finally, there is nothing for you to lose here and you will be delighted with either preventing your upcoming surgery or knowing that you didn’t everything possible and that the surgery which you’re about to have is your very last resort.

Do not miss this opportunity to assess and hopefully prevent your source and all risks, pain, and hardship thereafter.

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