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Baku 2015

Feb 18, 2015

The first European Olympics is coming up and will take place in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. As the lead practitioner in GKPhysiotherapy I’m about to take part as a member of the physiotherapy team.

I will act as a swimmers injury expert at the Olympics Aquatic Centre. Taking part in such a unique type of Olympic level project within an elite level of physiotherapy will be added to my wonderful experience as a physiotherapist in the Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. I hope that my personal and professional experience can contribute to the success of your treatment at GK Physiotherapy.

Physical Health AssessmentPhysical Health Assessment

Physical examination to a pain/injury free person, which identifies dysfunction and predicts potential injuries.

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Patient Guide to Successful TreatmentPatient Guide to Successful Treatment

This manual will equip you as the client/patient with all the knowledge you need.

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