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New Clinic Location

Jun 1, 2017

GK Physiotherapy clinic has now moved...

Proud to anounce that GK Physiotherapy has now moved (a bit...) to a new location!

The new address is: 13 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR
Just three doors up the same street.

AllĀ other contacts and numbers remained the same.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the new place!!!


Physical Health AssessmentPhysical Health Assessment

Physical examination to a pain/injury free person, which identifies dysfunction and predicts potential injuries.

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Patient Guide to Successful TreatmentPatient Guide to Successful Treatment

This manual will equip you as the client/patient with all the knowledge you need.

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Book an AppointmentBook an Appointment

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Tel: 0141 353 3057 | Email: info@gkphysiotherapy.com

GK Physiotherapy
13 Newton Place
G3 7PR

Tel: 0141 353 3057
Mob: 07896 246 503
Email: info@gkphysiotherapy.com