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Back Pain

Sean Fontana (Top International level Athlete)
Complaint - Back pain

My name is Sean Fontana and I am an athlete, competing in middle and long distance events i.e. 800m, 1500m races and also cross country races during the winter. I have currently left the Glasgow School of Sport where I trained and raced for 4 years. Now I am running for Victoria Park City of Glasgow City AC. I have represented Scotland on several occasions, however I got a major injury to my back which stopped my rib cage expanding properly and keeping my torso upright whilst i was racing.

Back PainThis was detrimental to my performance; I was running with extreme back pain and also not progressing in my running times. I knew I had to get an expert’s opinion on the symptoms because my performances on the racing circuits were dropping drastically - that was when my coach recommended Gal to help me get back to fitness.

Gal gave me one to one physiotherapy and also came to watch my running. I was progressing at a fast rate as Gal not only was hands on but he gave me exercises to take away with me to do on my own to fully benefit from the physio session. I started running really well again feeling fast and strong, I recovered my season by running a personal best in the 800m going from 1min58.9 Sec to 1min56.88 Sec (!) and in 1500m from 4min01.7sec to 3min57.3 sec !

He also made me understand why my back was sore and told me the reason why. Gal's knowledge is unquestionable. He does not mind you asking why he is doing a certain exercise with you because Gal feels that if you ask questions you are listening and interested about why the injury occurred, which will help you recover faster.

I can’t thank Gal enough; he was very flexible and he was able to make appointments that fitted in with college and work as well as my training. Gal made sure he met my needs and if it was not for Gal and his expert physiotherapy treatment I would not have been able to save my season. I am very grateful for the treatment that I received from Gal.

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