Around two years ago I seriously injured a leg muscle while running and tore a hamstring. I went to an NHS and an independent Physiotherapist, both of whom failed to diagnose underlying problems or listen properly. After a year I developed severe lower back, as well as hamstring and adductor pain in both legs.

At the end of January 2011 I saw Gal. He properly assessed my injuries and he refused to let me leave until he felt confident in his diagnosis. Gal quickly recognised I had critically weak leg muscles and that I am hypermobile. Here, my muscles have to work harder to keep my limbs in place. But, as I didn’t have much muscle, my tendons were doing their job, and I developed tendonitis and strains. No other physiotherapist had noticed this.

Gal explain in depth the biomechanics of my physiology and he provided detailed instructions on the exercises that would help rebuild my muscle strength. He has continued to assess and test my muscle strength as well as reassess my physiology at each meeting.

It is now several months on from that first appointment and I am now pain free and looking forward to running again. I continue to be impressed by his professional skills and I am grateful for his advice and support.